​​​​​​​​Philadelphia's premier facility 
​for mobile food trucks and vendors..​.


First Class Mobile Vendor Coverage
In Philadelphia, Nearby Tri-County 
Markets, New Jersey, Delaware

The large, efficient, super clean, cutting edge Bridesburg Commissary is ideally located along the I-95 corridor in Philadelphia’s Bridesburg neighborhood and allows mobile food truck and individual food service vendors to conveniently serve Philadelphia and virtually anyone in the Philadelphia area. 

Vendors prepare their food in professional grade, sanitary, well-regulated facilities featuring top of the line commercial food preparation equipment  virtually around the clock as needed, and safely park their trucks if they are ‘tenants.’

The mobile vendor-friendly Bridesburg Commissary provides vendors with:

  • >> 58’ of Cook line Under Ventilation
  • >> Keyless Entry with 24/7/365 Access
  • >> Automatic Gate Operator
  • >> Surveillance Cameras
  • >> Secured Parking Lot
  • >> Plug-in for trucks
  • >> Lockable Refrigerated
  • >> All Top Line Professional
    Kitchen Equipment
  • >> Free Wi-Fi
  • >> Hourly Membership Program
  • >> Daily Facility Cleaning
  • >> Family Owned and Operated
  • >> Centrally Located to Serve the
    Tri-County Area, New Jersey and even Delaware

Equipped with several complete top of the line commercial kitchen modules including professional stoves, hoods, ovens, prep and hand sinks and abundant preparation space and fixtures, the commissary also features two walk in refrigerators with lockable storage designed and strategically placed for efficient tenant and member work flow.

Located near the I-95 Bridge Street ramp, this 6,000 sq. ft. facility offers ample parking for tenant trucks and serves Philadelphia, the nearby Tri County area as well as occasionally across the Delaware River into New Jersey and Delaware.

Efficient Operation Keyed 
to Vendor Needs

Highly efficient in operation,

the Bridesburg Commissary

provides comprehensive food

preparation and storage

facilities to:

  • Mobile food truck ‘tenants.’ Food truck tenants park their trucks on site at Orthodox Street, schedule, prepare and store their food as needed, with virtually unlimited access to preparation and storage facilities.
  • Mobile food truck ‘members.’  Members do not park their trucks at Orthodox Street but have virtually the same privileges as ‘tenants’ at an hourly rate to use facilities.
  • Individual food service users. Food vendors, with or without trucks, can schedule hourly food preparation and storage once they acquire documentation and satisfy city/municipality requirements, and pick up the food to deliver when needed.
  • Occasional mobile food vendors from anywhere. Vendors who wish to sell food in Philadelphia at special events only or every day must acquire commissary documentation and use the commissary to prepare the food.
  • Online “Ghost Restaurant” operators who prepare food ordered through an online restaurant and delivered to the customer’s door. Bridesburg Commissary has embraced the growing “Ghost Restaurant / Virtual Restaurant / Delivery Only food business trend, allowing Bridesburg member food service vendors who operate no actual facility of their own to launch and run “online ghost restaurants.” These online only restaurants offer food actually prepared by the restaurateur at the Bridesburg commissary and delivered to the consumer’s door. 

​Restaurant Adds to Appeal

The commissary not only caters to a broad selection of mobile vendors covering a wide area, it also will solve a strong Bridesburg need – a good place to eat. The facility includes an attractive and well equipped restaurant at

the front of the commissary,

serving both as an appealing

eatery for the neighborhood

as well as boosting the

commissary’s appearance.

Bridesburg Commissary
operates with maximum
concern ​for safe food preparation and vendor convenience. Along with other municipalities, Philadelphia stipulates that in order to receive a mobile food vending license, vendors must have documented access to a commissary where they prepare their food with city inspector access to inspect. Bridesburg Commissary fills the need for a centrally located, state of the art commissary serving customers in the entire Philadelphia area..